Harvest Rise

Creating a flexible design system for a new sustainable community.


Harvest Rise is the first project at Traffic connecting the different facets of a property project across various digital touchpoints. I developed a packaged system that allows us to bundle the design and implementation of landing pages, marketing eDMs, and the property website. This was achieved by crafting a design system based on the style guide alongside a central code base that can be reused and applied for most of our digital implementations.

Landing Pages

Most landing pages are fairly static providing you with a single avenue of information, a call to action and sometimes an incentive to sign up.

I wanted to provide people with more relevant information depending on the stage of cycle they were at. For example a person revisiting our landing page, having already signed up, shouldn't receive the same call to action to register. Instead the call to action is to make an appointment to speak to an agent to have further questions and concerns directly answered.


I designed and developed a series of EDMs that would cater to the needs of the landing pages and the full website that was to be developed.