Pet Insurance

A balance between cheekiness and trust shaped this 'anti-insurer' insurer.

Pet had tasked Traffic with shaping their brand earlier in 2016 yet they had taken it upon themselves to design and develop their website. They discovered that the design did not capture the charm of the brand and represented them inconsistently between their social media presence and their website.

A core element to their brand is the language, which is conversational and sometimes peppered with sass and sarcarm, along with several cat and dog characters. On the insurance pages, for example, I implemented each character as the 'hero' delivering the key selling points of the policy being viewed. Throughout the website you'll find there are lines or remarks that maintain, contained in imagery or directly on the website, that delivers the tone and voice of the brand.

These elements come together to demonstrate that Pet understand that your pet is unique and that customers deserve insurance that caters to the individual lifestyle of the pet.